The End of Epic

2017-08-15 03:27:20 by EDMkiller12345

So ive ended the epic series and i am upset as ever. dont get me wrong, but i hate whatever i just did. but sometimes u just have to move on.


So if you have any ideas, plz send me a message.


2017-02-19 15:39:45 by EDMkiller12345

ok, so howsit goin?


2017-02-07 13:54:43 by EDMkiller12345


Hi there everyone!

Things are going extremely well these days. I could use some help, tho. Does anyone recommend a song cropper/studio I can use? LMMS is a bit confusing and I've only got the FL Studio demo and I've used that already. I really need to upload cause it's been forever since I did and the most recent song I've made is 15 mins long! It's gonna be split into 3 parts or something.

So as you see there is a lot happening.

If you want to have a little chat, PM me or friend me on an Xbox:


(Do not make fun of the name, I didn't think about what to call myself)